Editing Consultation

Successful Editing Starts with a Consultation

During the consultation, we'll determine what type of editing or proofreading is best for you by discussing your needs, concerns, and goals for your writing.


You've written, re-written, edited, and finally finished your piece.

But you aren't confident that it's perfect.


You want that extra set of eyes to make sure it's polished and professional—someone to catch those little errors you may have missed.

Proofreading is what you need.


You've written the bulk of your piece, but you are struggling.

You need help with flow and sentence structure—you want to make sure that everything makes sense.

You're looking for someone to dive in deep, provide some feedback, and elevate your content.

Editing is what you need.

Services are ideal for:

Websites - Blog content - Essays - Resumes - LinkedIn pages - YouTube subtitles - 

Social media captions - Advertisements - Book manuscripts

Please contact me for a precise quote.