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Small Business Stories: Livia Hirsch

Based in the Hague, Livia is a freelance blog writer and content strategist who specializes in helping B2B SaaS scaleups grow – and her background might surprise you.

"Simple. Honest. Strategic."

At the surface, Livia's path to freelancing may seem a little unorthodox.

But beneath it lies a story that I'm confident many freelancers will relate to. Like many freelancers, Livia never expected to be one.

"If you'd asked me four years ago if I wanted to freelance, I would have said no." Livia started out studying fashion in Amsterdam, with a focus on marketing and journalism. It was through her internship that she was able to dip her toes into the world of content marketing. A change in Livia's job situation had her considering how best to balance two part-time jobs without getting stuck with high income taxes. So, Livia registered as a freelancer.

Showing up

But just because Livia's decision to become a freelancer was a practical one doesn't mean that she didn't jump in with both feet. She started with two new clients from the get-go and has been growing her business (and herself) ever since. In fact, Livia is one of the first people I've talked to who has worked with a business coach, something I was very curious about.

Livia said working with a coach has helped her in many ways, including personal branding and overcoming mental roadblocks.

"Branding yourself gives you parameters and guidelines to work with – it helps you know how you want to show up for yourself and for your business."

Connecting with clients

I asked Livia what she enjoyed about connecting with her clients, and she said, "I love learning from Founders, their stories and experiences are fascinating!"

She enjoys helping them grow their businesses by setting up content systems and strategies to help their businesses really take off.

Livia also noted that she appreciates clients who are open and willing to offer her autonomy in her work.

Overcoming struggles

I doubt I'll ever talk with a freelancer who hasn't had their share of struggles, and Livia is no exception. When I asked her to tell me about past struggles that she overcame, she said, "Balancing working on your business vs. in it and not burning yourself out (still a work in progress)." As I type this out at 6 pm on a sunny Friday evening, I couldn't relate more. Livia also said that another struggle was learning to market and sell herself. She relied on referrals alone for two years (which definitely speaks to her work!) but she said when there was a lull with no referrals, she realized that she didn't know how to market herself. "Rather than struggle through the mud and figure it out on my own, I asked for help and worked with a coach who gave me the tools but also empowered me to go out there and do those scary tasks like cold pitching and posting on LinkedIn.

"For me, it was more of a mindset change. That it's okay to go out and sell yourself; there's nothing icky about it."

Advice to others

Last month, Nick Broekema left this question for Livia: "What would be your advice for people who are just starting out creating content and want to attract customers?" Livia's answer? "I'd say, dare to pitch. Dare to publish on LinkedIn. "You have knowledge to share and a unique personality to bring to the table. You don't need X amount of years of experience or knowledge. "You started your own business, so own it and go for what you want. Because no one will hand it to you." Livia's question for the next small business story? "What are your top three sales tips for newbie freelancers?"

For the answer, stay tuned for next month's interview!


Livia helps B2B SaaS scale-ups grow their visibility from local to global names via blog writing.

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For more Small Business Stories, stay tuned for next month's interview! See you next time!


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