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How to Embrace Business Writing When You Are a Creative Writer at Heart

Business writing doesn't have to be daunting. Here are four tips you can use to embrace it.

C.M. Proofs Editing and Writing Tips

If you are a creative writer (and even if you're not), it’s likely that you find business writing boring and unappealing. You associate one with work and stress and the other with relaxation and leisure. One belongs in the office, the other, at home.

But why not combine the two a little?

Ok, so maybe your novella won’t benefit from a formal “I hope this finds you well…” or “To whom it may concern…”, but creative writing can make you better in business.

So, if your manager has tasked you with a writing assignment that has you dreading picking up a pencil, relax.

Not all business writing is dull, and even if you are tasked with a particularly dry piece, you can still be creative in your writing process.

Let’s look at four tips for how to embrace business writing as a creative writer.

1. Know That Not All Business Writing Is Rigid and Dry

There are many types of business writing, and they are not all boring. Both persuasive and informational business writing can be punchy, creative, and fun. We see examples of creative business writing in advertisements, social media, and website landing pages all the time. These pieces of writing are often part of a larger story. And since so much of connecting to a reader is by telling a story, using storytelling in your writing to illustrate a point is a great way to promote a product or service without directly listing why a consumer should be interested.

2. Accept That Sometime Business Writing Is Dry

There’s a time and a place for everything, and sometimes that report you are writing is drier than my uncle Stan's sense of humor. Maybe you have someone who can write these pieces for you, or maybe you just have to get it done.

If you're stuck with it, this doesn't mean you can't be creative. As a creative writer, you are well-practiced in thinking outside of the box.

Apply some of the approaches you use in your creative writing to your business writing and see how it can make the process more enjoyable.

C.M. Proofs Editing and Writing Tips

3. Create Your Own Voice

If you are writing for your own business, know that you can create your own unique brand voice. This can be upbeat, humorous, and descriptive. As long as your voice is consistent, you can be creative with your own business copy.

If you are writing for another business, however, you will need to adapt to their brand's tone and style of writing. But don't worry, that's where the next tip comes in handy.

4. Roleplay

Hold on—hear me out.

If you struggle with business writing, try this: think of a character from a TV show, a novel you are writing, or someone you know (like your boss or a client). How would they speak? How would they write? What words would they choose to make their points succinct and clear? How would they connect with those around them (aka their audience)? Getting out of your head and into someone else’s is creative and can help you approach a mundane task in a more fun and creative way.

Do you struggle with business writing? How do you approach business writing in a more creative way?

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