I started out editing friends’

college essays for fun. 

Weird, right?

Then, I began my career as a writing tutor, ESL instructor, and freelancer.

I've been fortunate to tackle a variety of projects including:

  • Manuscripts for fiction, self-help, and poetry

  • Grad school personal statements

  • Resumes

  • Web copy

  • Film script proposals

  • Personal and business blogs


One thing has remained constant: I love this line of work. 


Collaborating with writers to refine and perfect each piece is immensely rewarding. Each project has a unique voice and message and it is my pleasure to make sure both are communicated effectively and free from errors.


When I’m not clacking away behind a computer, you can find me plotting future travels, exploring the great outdoors, or attempting my next great culinary masterpiece (read: disaster).

I look forward to working with you.

Edit to elevate; proofread to polish.

Please contact me at cmlambproofs@gmail.com with any questions.